Airport Yoga (The Wall Street Journal)

Airport Yoga

I am never looking for a reason to visit San Francisco, but now I have a reason to visit SF International airport.

Today’s Wall Street Journal reported that SF International and Dallas-Fort Worth Airports have added free yoga rooms fully equipped with mats and videos, and open to travelers and airport workers.

Half-mile walking paths have been added to more airports (St. Louis, DFW, Cleveland, Indianapolis) in conjunction with the American Heart Association.

And many of the old food vendors are being replaced with healthier options, who are reporting increased sales.

“Going healthy just isn’t an option. It’s what passengers are looking for,” said Zenola Campbell, VP of concessions at DFW.

Maybe a layover or connection isn’t such a bad thing anymore.


3 thoughts on “Airport Yoga (The Wall Street Journal)

  1. thanks for the article, we practiced yoga at the adaptive sports center, windham mtns, ny, this past week. it was a health and fitness warrior in motion for wounded warriors. sponsored by the wounded warrior project.

  2. Interesting concept – are there showers at these airports too? Don’t know how much I’d want to do if the end result was having to take my next flight being the sweaty and stinky guy.

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